Sunglasses as the name suggests, defined as glasses to be worn while going out in sun or any time of the day(NADA not nights). Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. In case, you are not able to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses for men, especially on online shopping websites, can be a headache for you! Brands these days are advancing their styles to enhance new sunglasses of different types & sizes.

We have created a list of tips from experts that you should know before buying sunglasses and how to take care of these when you have already bought one.

Go for Sunglasses that provide 100% UV Protection:

It is very important to buy sunglasses that are 100% safe from UV protection. Most of the times, this feature is mentioned on the tags of sunglasses. Buy mens sunglasses at Previo India at affordable prices with additional discounts during checkout.


Sunglasses come in different types, forms and designs. To help shorten list of your choices, lifestyle should be your first priority factor. If you are into some sports or participant in outdoor activities, or you want sunglasses for general wear and just add some fashion to your overall look. Keeping your routine in mind will help you choose the factors when and how to buy the best sunglasses for yourself.


The cost of sunglasses is somehow an important factor while buying them because of the type or brand you are choosing. It totally depends on your budget which sunglasses are you buying. As per your budget, you can buy luxury or branded sunglasses.

Lens Shades:

Sunglasses come in different shades and colors and selecting the best out of them can be a difficult task for you. Usually they are dark in colors to make your eyes wide-open in the sun. It is important to know that dark lenses do not really mean to be 100% UV protected.

Face shape:

As we discussed above, sunglasses are not only for safety, it can likewise help in uplifting your style and adding style to your fashion statement. While you need your shades to give the best safety from UV beams, you will likewise need to look great in them. Consider your face shape and get focal points that are fitting for it.


Your glasses may have the entire suggested features; however they will all be in vain in case you pick an evil fitting pair. Besides looking off-kilter, a pair that doesn’t fit right may cause troubles and injury and are more inclined to damages.

Polarized does not cut glare:

Although polarization decreases glare from intelligent surfaces it doesn’t offer more insurance from UV beams. Be that as it may, it makes exercises, for example, driving more secure.

You don’t need to purchase a costly pair of shades. More affordable sets that give 100% security are similarly as viable as pricier choices.Buy your favourite pair of glasses at Previo Eye Were India and get best offers today!

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